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“The fact that anyone would find me sexy is very, very flattering, but ridiculous. I so don’t believe it. But I’m flattered.” - Laura Prepon

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"sexuality is a choice"


"women wouldn’t get raped if they didn’t wear revealing clothes"


"there are only two genders"


"i’m not trying to be sexist/racist, but.."


"a/bi/pansexuality isn’t real"


"gay people shouldn’t have children"


"i don’t want to be friends with a gay person, they could hit on me"


"you can’t identify with the gender you want to be, only the one you were born with"


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i really like that this line:

Who has been unhooking the stars without my permission, and putting them on the table in the guise of candles?

is literally just grantaire saying ‘yo why are these lights so fucking bright i’m too drunk for this’


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Never stop reblogging

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This is hilarious. From HuffPo Media:

In “BioShock Infinite,” the player fights a racist society run by an ultra-religious lunatic who uses patriotic American imagery as a propaganda tool.

That detail didn’t escape the attention of gamers, either.

"The funny part here isn’t that Fox News copied it — which it totally did — it’s that it apparently copied it without recognizing what the logo represents: A violent video game about killing right-wing crazy people,” wrote Sam Barsanti on the A.V. Club website.

A number of users on Reddit offered similar thoughts. One Redditor found a Photoshop template that can be used to make logos based on BioShock Infinite.

Kevin Levine, creator of the BioShock series, weighed in on both Twitter and Facebook. When someone asked if it was a copyright issue, he tweeted, “It’s irony.”

Never forget how absolutely thick the far right can be.

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SIGNAL BOOST THIS NEWS! Seriously, how come this isn’t all over tumblr? Angelina Jolie presided over the largest ever global anti-rape summit. She is using her celebrity for good. She is addressing rape in wartime and in conflict zones, which is where it is perpetuated on the most massive scale and in which context always has been used as a weapon.

Feminists of tumblr should get behind this woman. Let’s stop the perpetual erasure and trivialization of women in the media through their sexualization and start looking at the work that they do. Her acts here are easily in danger of being eclipsed by her image in the tabloids which is more concerned with her relationship to Brad Pitt and the fact that she is a sex symbol than the important feminist work that she is performing RIGHT NOW. 

I am such a fan of this lady… and she does not deserve to be trivialized for being a woman, a sex symbol, and a celebrity. Here, she is working for social justice for women all over the world. She’s doing what’s right.

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"No, I think that’s exactly what you meant," Stiles says, voice hoarse.

"Stiles," Derek murmurs, hating how the small space between them smells of betrayal and sadness. It’s a horrible stench overall, but knowing he’s the one who caused it is even worse. He doesn’t know how to fix it—still not used to dealing with situations like this—but he wants to. He wants to be able to kiss it better instead of walking away from open wounds.

He leans over the table, wanting to be closer but not sure if Stiles would appreciate him walking around it to where he’s standing his ground. They’re not looking at each other anymore, both their gazes on the table separating them. Derek purses his lips and slowly moves his hand across the surface to where one of Stiles is curled up to a fist, listening to the sound of their heartbeats quickening in sync.

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The more rumors I read about the Teen Wolf Con



and the more I read about the eps coming up the more I’m legitimately starting to hate Teen Wolf, a show I once adored. I wish Netflix would have started this show. It’s a real shame that so many Sterek shippers are treated like pariah, but hey… the gays are treated that way in real life. Guess Beacon Hills isn’t the shining light it pretended to be. 

I’ve blocked so many things trying to avoid wank and unpleasant things on my dash. But then something like that con report gets through. 

I’m trying to dwell in the happy place of fanon and ignore canon completely. But this stuff is making it hard to do that.

It’s getting to where seeing the faces I loved so much a few weeks ago turning up on my dash brings to mind all this stuff. Even though I’m blacklisting and unfollowing and blocking like a fiend.

I feel so bad for Hoechlin having to tell that fan he couldn’t sign her book. We’ve all read so many reports in the past about how he’s not at all bothered by Sterek, and what a joy he is to meet, how friendly he is to his fans. He’s a literal ray of sunshine. It must’ve really hurt him to have to disappoint that fan.

I really don’t know what’s going through TPTB’s minds. To offend a major segment of your fanbase like that is bad PR. Even though TW has a bigger casual audience now thanks to the buzz Sterek shippers gave it in its early seasons, they still shouldn’t mistreat the fans like that. 

After Alpha Con banned Sterek questions, people thought it might just have been the con-com. But now a 2nd con evidences Sterek bans. Sounds like it’s coming from very high up the food chain. MTV or Jeff or both. 

It’s pretty much unforgivable as far as I’m concerned. Cons, especially Creation cons, are VERY expensive. To pay for the entrance fee, the various photo ops, signature ops, etc. can run upwards of $500 if not more. For that kind of money, they shouldn’t be limiting things like questions or signings. 

I feel so bad for the fans who paid all that expecting their items to get signed. I feel bad for Hoechlin, having to see the disappointed faces when he’s forced to say no.

And I’m so sick and tired of slash being treated like a dirty little secret and slash fans treated like perverts. 

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"What if I did an #AskThicke hashtag on twitter?"

"Robin that’s a terrible idea. No don’t do it."

"I’m hearing yes."



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Love is for children.

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The best kinds of laughter:

  • Laughing so hard that your laugh becomes silent and you sit there clapping like a fucking seal
  • Feeling a six-pack coming up
  • Tears coming out of your eyes

#you know you’re fucked when its a combination of all three